Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dominican Packing List

We are officially 2 weeks away to our family vacation.  Today I am running around preparing our luggage's, and doing some laundry and picking up any toiletries that we will need to get before the big day.  As many of you know I am a little OCD when it comes to organizing so I started to write down all the items that I need to take along with us.

As this is the first All-Inclusive vacation we are taking with our 4 year old, I find myself over thinking and over packing what I think he might need.  I have a feeling our luggage's might be over weight.  

We are going to be leaving behind a few items for the locals, so I have to write a few thank you notes for the maids so that they don't get in trouble when gift the items. 

If you have any tips, feel free to comment.  The only thing missing from the list will be the last minute toys my son wants to pack in his carry-on.  He is super excited for his first airplane ride, however, I'm secretly hoping that he will sleep for most of the ride.

Luggage and bags:

  • 2 Large luggage's, 3 carry ons
  • Stroller
  • Beach bag (for towels, books etc)
  • Small Purse

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear:

  • Underwear for each day + 1 in case you’re delayed
  • 2-3 Bathing Suits
  • 5-6 pairs of shorts or Capri’s
  • 1 pair of long pants
  •   6-7 pairs of socks
  • 7-8 shirts/tank tops
  •  Beach dress, wrap
  •  Running shoes (I wear these on the plane)
  •   Flip flops, Dress Shoes, water shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  •  A light jacket

Toiletries and Medical Supplies:

  • Medications
  • Gravel
  • Imodium
  • Tums
  • Advil/Tylenol
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss
  • Deodorant
  •  Lots of Sunscreen
  • Purell wipes
  • Bug repellant
  •  Baby Powder
  • Aloe
  • Brush, Comb
  • Shampoo, conditioner, Soap


  • Camera & Memory Card, Underwater Camera
  • Batteries
  • Ipad
  • Charging cables
  • E-reader
  • Alarm Clock
  • Plug Adapter


  •  Passports, benefits card (for medical emergencies), travel tickets, pen for declaration paperwork
  • Cash, small bills
  • Cash for Tourist Cards at Airport
  • Child Towel
  • Dollar store inflatable toys, sand toys (going to leave behind)
  • Gum, Lollipops for plane ride
  • Sealed Cereal Bowl
  • Children Books
  • Gifts for the locals/maid Tips (pre-made from home, small ziploc bags with candy, toys, toiletries)
  • Travel laundry soap
  • Large Ziploc Bags
  • Sippy Cup, snack container (to snag some fruit from the buffet for a snack later on)


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Messy Coupon Stash

OMG I've been such a bad blogger lately!  I have been swamped at both home and work and finally had the chance to sit down and write today's post.

All though I've been busy, I continue to coupon and search the net for sales!  I normally go grocery shopping with my little one Saturday mornings and noticed that my coupon stash was a disaster.  So today I started gathering up my coupons from all my hiding spots (purse, car, counter, etc) and started to organize them back into my binder.  I'm normally not this disorganized but lately I can't seem to keep my stash tidy.

My Binder is organized into the following sections in
case you are thinking about upgrading your current stash or binder.

Cleaning Supplies
Fridge (produce)
Health & Beauty
Other (usually I store restaurant coupons here etc.  So my question to all of you is, how do you organize all of you coupons? Binder, envelope, portfolio?

Hope you all have an amazing evening!

Happy Couponing

Friday, April 3, 2015

DIY Gift for the Tea Drinker

As I continue on my quest to make more gifts by hand then having to purchase them in the store I find myself becoming addicted to Pinterest.  Checkout my page to see what I'm planning next.

For this gift I went to my local dollar store and picked up a white mug that would be used as the base to my gift. 

Items Needed:
White Mug
Oil based Sharpie Markers
Cursive sticker letters (unless your can draw your own template on the Mug)

1. Stick cursive letter onto the mug and make sure that it is centered on the mug.
2. Start DOT- outlining the letter using a marker. Once you have completed dotting around the letter you can then start dotting into a pattern, change colours, etc.  The possibilities are endless.
3. Once you are done dotting your mug, remove the stickers slowly.

Last thing you need to do is stuff the mug with some tea bags,  honey sticks, dried lemon slices and your done!

Monday, March 9, 2015

I LOVE Contests!

I'm sure you have seen all kinds of online contests.  Some that popup in your email and those that you find scrolling around online.  In the past I have been lucky enough to win, pillow sets, a duvet cover, clothing, make-up products, spa gift certificates and so on. This weeks contest win takes it all! 

For the past few weeks I have religiously been playing Trip Trivia on everyday.  This week I decided to check out the past winners and happened to see myself on the winners line up!  I immediately contacted the head office and indeed I did win a trip for two to the Lifestyles Tropical Beach Resort, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic!

As of right now, the hubby are still in shock and trying to decide on dates!
So for all of you out there that think these contest never have a winner... your wrong ;)

Pictures and details to come!
Happy Couponing!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

DIY Clementines Wreath

This year I made these for my son's preschool teachers and my co-workers.  They are quite simple to make and is cost $6 to make 4 wreaths.

What you need:
  • Cellophane
  • 2 different colours of ribbon
  •  clementines or tangerines (6 per wreath)
Step One:  Line up a row of clementines on cellophane Wrap

Step Two: Pull one edge of the cello to cover/create a tube around clementines.  It helps to have the clementines closely put together in order to roll into a tube. (Tubing the clementines right at the beginning is the easiest way to keep them all together)

Step Three: Begin to knot each clementine with ribbon until each clementine is secure.

Step Four:  Once you have secured each clementine begin to tie both ends together.  You might notice that some of the clementines might look mushed once you have tied the ends.  You may have to go back and redo the knots between the clementines to give them enough space to move.

Step Five: Tie a decorative ribbon to the top and your done!

Happy Couponing!